Facebook Ads Guide 2020

If you are an avid member of the large Facebook community (1 billion and counting) and you visit your news feed frequently, then you are bound to notice the recent surge of video content flooding your feed. This shift in content has divided Facebook users in their opinion about it, but we think that it has enhanced our browsing experience in many instances.

Every day, more digital marketers are getting to know about this format of content, and they are wasting no time to jump on the bandwagon and provide their viewers with their requirements. Besides providing a brand experience that resonates with the viewers, it also can convert viewers into potential customers.

But like most people out there, you will also feel clueless about Facebook ads unless you acquire sufficient knowledge and learn how to exploit its features to your benefits. That is exactly what this guide is for, just read on.

What are Facebook ads all about?

Facebook Ads Guide 2020

Facebook video ads are the version of brand advertisements endorsed through Facebook in the video formats.

It provides marketers with an opportunity to market their products or services through innovative and engaging videos instead of the age-old text and image slumber. You can either make a home video using your smartphone or hire a professional videographer to create one for you.

There’s also an option to use existing videos and upload using the Facebook ad template. Thereon, you will be able to personalize the video content such as the description, budget, and thumbnail, and so on as per your audience’s requirement.

Why are Facebook video ads important to you?

Facebook Ads Guide 2020

Digital marketers have understood the vital role that Facebook video ads can play for providing a wider and more convenient platform for their products, and it’s time you realize the same. It is one of the most efficient modern ways to ensure that your brand is remembered and referred to by a global audience willing to watch videos about your brand. Let us have a look at the ways it can help marketers.

  • Facebook video ads take the concept of watching videos on Facebook and gives it a strategic spin to engage their audience and try to convert them into business prospects.
  • It also has the ability to trigger engagement in multiple social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • It can hence push the potential leads down the marketing funnel into email marketing campaigns.

In the last five years, around 2 million small and medium businesses have shared their business-related videos on Facebook. Many of them paid money to turn those videos into Facebook ads and procure more views. The fact that the average revenue from advertisements in

The United States increased by 50 percent goes to show that the strategy to showcase video ads through Facebook is working.

To create effective video ads, you can go for In video, an online video maker.

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How to get acquainted with Facebook video ads?

Now that the value of Facebook video ads is established, we need to learn how to set it up for our Facebook accounts. It is quite a familiar process if you have already run ads on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Guide 2020
  • Go to the top of your profile page where you’ll find the “Create Ads” option in the dropdown menu. Click on it.
  • Choose the campaign objective as “get video views.”
  • You have an option to select a predefined set of audiences, as schedule and budget, or you can define them manually.
  • Now let’s get going with the ad. You can see that there are a few options for building your video. You can opt for creating an image slideshow or upload a video from your PC or even choose from the library. In most cases, people upload a video that has been made earlier and posted on different channels. But you can also utilize online ad makers and create an ad suitable for promoting your brand.
  • Finally, customize the copy and preview your video and then sit back and watch your view count rise up.

Useful Tips to Increase your Facebook Video Ads Engagement with your Audience:

Facebook Ads Guide 2020

Make use of CPM bidding:

Facebook is definitely not the place where advertisers shy away from autoplay. The reason behind that is quite simple. Facebook has a plethora of content to distract newsfeed scrollers with. Your content must engage these multitasking users as quickly as possible. It really helps if your video plays automatically rather than having to click on it. The scrollers will hence be able to get through your video without much effort from their end. Now, you need to be eligible for the autoplay feature to be allowed for your videos, and to do that; you need to bid by CPM (cost per impressions) rather than CPC (cost per click).

Upload videos that are well to do without sound:

It might sound strange but bear with our perspective. Consider the way you view videos on Facebook. While mostly we watch videos inside our homes in our own comfortable manner, there are times we browse through our news feed just to kill time.

For instance, while in transit, commuting from one place to another or while at a restaurant. One might argue why not use earphones, but most people are lazy enough to skip watching the video instead of giving the effort to plug in their earphones, and others just forget their earphones at home.

In such instances playing videos with sound might not be the most appropriate thing to do. Hence, making Facebook video ads that make sense without the aid of sound is highly recommended to increase viewership. One way to see this through is by adding captions. Test results have revealed that captioned videos increase view time by 15 percent, so it’s time to get the captions out of the closet and use them.

Keep it short:

Although Facebook ads can have a maximum of 120 minutes duration, that is an insane amount of runtime for an ad. As mentioned before, Facebook scrollers have the least amount of time to invest in one video, so the quicker you are able to make your point, the better for your ad.

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